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We are Code 9 Media, total solution provider of creative media.

About us

Our existence stands on two pilars: quality and fun. We do the things we do because we are good at it and because we enjoy doing it. No more, no less.

Every day soup and meat is too simple for us. Therefore it is our ambition to come up with solutions which add value, and are well-thought off and user-friendly. Ordinary is just ordinary and good is often not good enough. Despite of this: we don't shout out that we are cutting edge. Nor that perfection is our own. But we strive for optimum performance and the best results. Code 9 Media, that's us. Engage!

Web Design

Functional web design is our speciality. We believe in websites with added value. In websites that put the user at the center. In websites that pleasantly surprise the user. That is our faith.

For us, communicating the message is more important than the design. We are looking for the core of one site and delete the excess fat. Not that we are boring purists, quite the contrary. We also love whipped cream on the cake and gravy on the potatoes. We add the goodies without losing the essence. Our goal: to create both beautiful and functional sites that are worth visiting. No less!


A photo says more than 1000 words!" is a well-known yell. How corny this may sound, this is a truism, but it is one we must always bear in mind. After all, photos make the difference between dullness and dynamics!

Since photography is seen by us as a passion, we are always in for a photo shoot! If it is about report work, portraits or landscapes; nothing is too crazy for us!

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